How to share you Webex ID for 1:1 meetings

Last updated 5 months ago
If you have already installed Webex Meetings and logged into the app with your Edumail details skip to step 5.

1: Download and install Webex Meetings from

2) Run the 'Webex Meetings' Application
3) Enter your Edumail Email address and click 'Next'


4) Enter your TO Number and Edumail Password


5) Click the Rectangle at the end of your name, this will copy your prsonal meeting link to your clipboard.


6) Paste this link into an email to the student or staff memeber

Please Note: TO conduct an entire class-session using webex, it is best to scheduled a meeting via the web portal. This will allow you to set a password, use 1 time only meeting ID and get reminders via outlook.

Refer to the knowledge base article regarding Scheduling a virtual classroom with your students.

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