How do I connect my Macbook to the Curric Shares (Staff Only)

Last updated 3 years ago
1: Download this app "Staff DFS Shares" and run it. at the bottom of this page.

*If you have issues running the file*
  • Open System Preferences and select Security & Privacy.
  • Click 'Open Anyway' next to "Staff DFS Shares" was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer"

2: A window as below will appear, click continue, no need to add any extras in as we have populated what is needed already.


3: The following message will appear if
- This is your first time running this script.
- Your password is expired and your previously entered credentials need updating.

  • Click connect.


4: Enter in your HSSC user credentials, this will be inline with your compass username and password.
please remember to fill out as described in the below picture with the HSSC backslash " \ " and not " / " followed by your username for proper authentication.

  • Check "Remember this password in my keychain".
  • Click connect.


5: On your Desktop there should be new alias's created for quick and easy connection.


If you have any problems with the following please come down to the ICT office in which we will be happy to assist you with.


  1. Staff DFS
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